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Join us in New Orleans, LA

May 1-2 2018

Do you want real-world advice for how to effectively bring next generation sequencing (NGS) tests into your hospital lab? Then plan to attend our informative presentation at Executive War College:

Bringing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Tests into Your Hospital Lab

Dr. Rakesh Nagarajan, CEO, PierianDx, and Dr. Eric Loo, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth-Hithcock, will discuss how to overcome challenges associated with bringing NGS testing into a hospital setting. During the workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Design and implement an end-to-end workflow solution from raw sequencing data, through analysis and final clinical report.
  • Plan for and implement NGS testing.
  • Strike a balance between machine learning technology and human clinical expertise to advance NGS testing.
  • Build upon best practices from academic medical centers, health systems, and cancer centers that have already expanded their programs and improved outcomes for patients.
  • Navigate CLIA and CAP guidelines to achieve compliance.
  • Build the business case and realize benefits for insourcing your molecular testing, including reimbursement approaches.
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